Can We Really Trust Internet Explorer?

Can We Really Trust Internet Explorer?

Here’s why it’s time to find a new browser:

If you are using Internet Explorer, or IE, it’s time to stop using it and find a different browser.  (This is the program you open to surf the internet.  Two alternatives are Google Chrome and Firefox. You can read more about the advantages of each here. )

Ironically, I’ve heard from a few of my clients over the last couple of weeks how they cannot log into their website.  When they tell me a little more about what is happening, we discover that the browser directs them off toward other websites and instructs them to install software.  All of these clients were using IE or Internet Explorer.

First off, this is malware, or software that has been loaded onto your computer’s browser to hijack your search engine results and redirect your searches.  It can be difficult to remove, and should most likely be performed by someone experienced in computer software virus or malware removal. Second, and more importantly, this malware may be on your computer, in part, because of the security vulnerability in IE.  As the tech website Mashable states in their article: “How scary is the latest Internet Explorer security vulnerability? Even the U.S. government says not to use IE until the browser is fixed.”  So, there you go.  Can we really trust Internet Explorer, though?  Well, do you mind having your computer hacked and personal information stolen? 

Whether you are my client or not, this is serious business.  With today’s internet users buying things, logging into their bank accounts and sending other sensitive data, putting your computer at risk is just not worth it.   Google’s Chrome browser is a leaner, faster browser that is consistently updated to patch any security breach.   If you need assistance, please contact me and I will help.    Stop using Internet Explorer, download Chrome or Firefox, and run your anti virus and malware programs to check for problems. 

NOTE: While there are reports that Microsoft is working on a patch, you need to change browsers especially if you are running a version of Windows XP on your computer, as Microsoft is reported to not be working on a patch for this security breach. P.S. This article gives some tips on how to move all your bookmarks over to your new browser!