Q & A with Tim

Q: Tell me about winning an Emmy.

A: it was nice to finally win one.  It’s funny, when I was younger, that seemed to be the most important thing to me.  A couple of the zoo show episodes were nominated, and I was so disappointed not to win.  It’s a nice accolade from your tv peers, but in the end, I think it is about the program itself.  Did the tv program speak to the viewer? In this case, did it teach something?   With the 50 years program, it was about celebrating the history of television, from the viewpoint of one little , but well known, station in the mid south.  

Q: And “396 Days” didn’t win an Emmy, is that right?

A: Right, it didn’t. That’s what is so funny about it, “396 Days” won some amazing awards… The New York Festivals Gold Medal, a National Edward R Murrow Award… I think a couple of Telly’s and a Videographer Award… Maybe because it was a documentary .  

Q: Is your television passion documentaries then?

A: (laughs) well…. I do very much like to tell a story.  I remember a project way back in my career that was called “St Joseph Proud.” The town of St Joseph had flooded badly, and the general manager at the time wanted to put segments on the air that promotes positivity.  So, we went around and did these thirty second segments talking about anything positive.  3 spots a week, plus a newspaper ad, for an entire year!

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